Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Implementing a Web-Based Research Information Management System for Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences            0000-00-00
2    the agreement rate of financial statements users with differences between national and international accounting standards    M.Sc.    hasanzadeh, sadegh    2011-03-15
3    The auditors opinions on factors affecting job satisfaction    M.Sc.    shani, smail    2011-05-24
4    An examination of users’ perceptions about the effects of auditor rotation on audit quality    M.Sc.    asiayi, mohamadreza    2013-01-02
5    Determining basics and criteria of financial reporting according Shiite jurisprudence and review of accounting and financial expert’s view points.    M.Sc.    heydarnejad, saeed    2013-02-12
6    The survey of the effective factors in reducing expectation gap between auditors and users of financial statement    M.Sc.    mirzaei, hossein    2013-04-16
7    Effects of ownership change on the Audit Quality Companies listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange    M.Sc.    seyfi ghobady, Hossein    2013-05-21
8    Investigating financial statements users views regarding effect of performing internal controls guideline on their level of trust    M.Sc.    golalizadeh, zahra    2013-10-01
9    Investigating financial statements user’s opinion about the factors affecting their trust on auditors and their reports    M.Sc.    noferesti, farzaneh    2013-12-17
10    A Survey of the Effect of Changing Audit Report on the Audit Expectation Gap    M.Sc.    baradariazghad, maliheh    2014-03-10
11    The Study of Expectation Gap in Accounting Education Resulting from current legul Requirmends    M.Sc.    tavassoli, fatemeh    2014-03-11
12    The Mediation Effect of Effort on Relation of Self-Efficacy & Accountability with Auditors’ Performance    M.Sc.    Soleimani Moqaddam, Hossein    2014-04-15
13    Study of Factors Influencing Auditor Switches from the Perspective of Firms & Certified Public Accountants of Iranian Association of Certified Public Accountants (IACPA)    M.Sc.    shahrokhichamanabadi, jamshid    2014-04-27
14    The Impact of Timeliness Reporting of Intermittent Financial Statements on Information Asymmetry    M.Sc.    zahmatkesh, roya    2014-06-17
15    Investigating The Effects of Mandatory Auditor Rotation on Audit Quality    M.Sc.    hafar, masoome    2014-07-01
16    investigating managers and auditors opinion about gender effect on auditors professional performance    M.Sc.    Arefnia, Behrooz    2014-07-09
17    The Effect Of Neutrality and Presumptive Doubt On Auditor’s Professional Judgment and The Satisfaction Of The Audit Fees    M.Sc.    rajabalizadeh, javad    2015-06-30
18    The Effect of Managerial Ability and Abnormal Audit Fees On Audit quality.    M.Sc.    soleimani, atena    2015-08-10
19    Investigating the association between mood and personality of auditors and the type audit report    M.Sc.    mahmoodi, hamid    2015-09-29
20    A study at the effect of the managerial ability to tax avoidance and firm’s value in smoothing and non-smoothing earnings firms    M.Sc.    Akbari, Farzana    2015-11-03
21    identification of establishment and implementation problems of IAIS in public university    M.Sc.    haghighi, reyhaneh    2015-11-29
22    A Study of the Relationship between Major Shareholders -Audit Firm Interlock on Audit Quality of the Companies Listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange    M.Sc.    Hanifezadeh, Mehri    2016-04-24
23    Investigating the Factors Affecting Internal Auditing Effectiveness    M.Sc.    Al - Gburi, Mahmood Abdullah    2016-06-07
24    Studding the Accounting Education Expected gap in Iraq    M.Sc.    Al Mehana, Zina Adnan Kareem    2016-07-03
25    The Obstacles and The Problems The Use Of Computerized Accounting Systems In The Ministry Of Education In Iraq    M.Sc.    Abdalabbas, Enas    2016-07-03
26    A Study of expectation gap between internal auditors and managers of public organizations in Iraq    M.Sc.    KHAFAJA, ALAA FADHIL ABDULAMEER    2016-10-04
27    Studding of Factors Affecting Internal Auditors job satisfaction in Iraq    M.Sc.    Albusultan, Mohammed Ridha    2016-10-30
28    The Effect of Equity Overvaluation on Firms Financial Crisis    M.Sc.    ghaemmaghami, kamran    2016-11-15
29    A study of relationship between going concern report with company’s strategy and quality of internal control    M.Sc.    dadfar, maral    2017-01-22
30    The impact of audit reports and mediated factors such as size and audit expertise on earnings response coefficient Iraqi companies    M.Sc.    Khaleel, Rasool    2017-02-05
31    Investigating The Effects of Audit Institute Quality Changes on Type and Basis for Modification Paragraphs of Audit Opinion    M.Sc.    Karimi Zarchi, Fateme    2017-04-30
32    Investigation The Opinion shopping    M.Sc.    barzgari, masoome    2017-05-28
33    Investigating the proportionality of the personality type of accounting students to study and work in the profession    M.Sc.    asadzadeh bonab, elham    2018-01-09
34    the Relationship between Major Shareholders -Audit Firm Interlock on financial reporting of the Companies Listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange    M.Sc.    mirshekari, samaneh    2018-01-14
35    Developing internal auditors’ competency model    Ph.D    rostami, amin    2018-02-18
36    The use of performance measurement systems in the public sector ( Mashhad Municipality)    M.Sc.    Mahmoudi yekebaghi, Roghayeh    2018-03-11
37    The role of class degradation of stock exchange listed companies in auditor's switching    M.Sc.    asadi kharkeshi, hamed    2018-04-03
38    A risk-based budget model for independent audit engagements    Ph.D    haghighitalab, bahare    2018-05-01
39    A study of the relationship between Business Strategy and Auditor Switching    M.Sc.    abbaszadeh, vajihe    2018-06-30
40    influence of organizational factors on board roles    M.Sc.    zarghani, fatemeh    2018-07-03